The Retreat is the perfect place to relax and have a bite to eat. Whether you want a quick bar snack, a tasty lunch or a three-course evening meal, we have menus to suit all sizes of hunger.

Check out our duel fuelled wood-fired oven in our dining area, where you can watch your freshly made pizza cook. We also use it to cook our sea trout, chicken and range of burgers too, as well as other things. Using a wood-fired oven boosts the flavour, as it imparts a smoky taste whilst distributing the heat evenly. It’s also a quicker way to cook too and ensures the food retains more of its nutrients.

Our steaks come from Tom Hixson in Smithfield Market. It’s 100 day aged Australian grass and grain fed beef. We’ve chosen it because it has a rich and succulent flavour and all steaks are cooked to your liking and include a sauce of your choice too.

We have a range of burgers to tempt all taste buds. The Wagyu burger comes highly recomended. We use Australian Chuck Eye which is minced and formed into a 7oz burger. It’s marbled with fat and has a fantastic flavour. Wagyu cattle are well-bred, well-fed and very tasty.

Food is available all day every day. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our menus.

Please note that we do not allow industrial workwear into these premises.